Driving Strategy and Tactics to Get Results

 15 – 16 MAY 2018


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Customize a Sensible and Successful Sales Compensation Plan for Increased Sales
and Bottom Line Revenue by attending this course

Is your company’s sales compensation plan an obstacle to sales success? Does it underpay top producers
and overpay under achievers and encourage and promote performance issues? Is it in sync with changes
in your industry’s current selling environment? The good news is that sales compensation plans do work
and the bad news is that sales compensation plans do work!

The ability to effectively segment and analyze your data is what separates the good products & services from the
great products & services. In this current economy and with the amount of “big data” available and processed,
you have to be able to take every advantage and be precise in your pricing and revenue optimization strategy.

By attending this Pricing & Revenue Optimization workshop attendees will be enabled and educated in the latest
and most germane pricing and revenue optimization strategies and policies. Attendees will be empowered to
take back control of pricing and implement systems that consistently deliver value and profitability. Through
advanced analytics, automated pricing strategies, and pricing science, Delegates will have the ability to analyze
prices across the market place and target price changes due to cost variations and changing market conditions
to maximize profitability. All in all, you will learn how to effectively plot your pricing strategy, gain internal buy-in,
best practices for change management, and other tools to overcome all of your major pricing and revenue
optimization challenges.

Learn how to effectively plot your pricing strategy, gain internal buy-in, best practices for pricing and revenue optimization. We also will be discussing in detail, pricing structures, pricing analysis & analytical tools, the importance of pricing decisions & discounts, and other tools to overcome all of your major pricing and revenue optimization challenges.

• Understand the importance of using & understanding “Big Data” tools & analytics when developing your pricing strategy
• The benefits and potential pitfalls of pricing discount decisions
• Hierarchal Pricing structures and the importance of Utilizing Porter’s Five Forces Revenue Model
• Explore case studies in pricing and revenue optimization management and new process implementation.
• Learn how to get Pricing, Sales and Product Development all on the same page!
• Learn to build for future success, by changing how you develop new strategies, opportunities and innovative revenue management practices to increase revenue and margins.
• Going beyond the data! Breakdown the fundamentals and new ways of thinking of pricing segmentation. Whether you’re in need of a refresher or a new perspective, you won’t want to miss this world class event.
• Insights into the Present and Future of Pricing! Investigate micro/macro principles of recessionary pricing and get insights you can put into practice immediately.
• Back to basics – unique case studies that will drive your working knowledge forward while providing an arena to refine your fundamental skills
• Fresh Perspectives: Gain insights on the legal and global issues in pricing, whether you are entering a new channel or a new market, you’ll be set for success.

A variety of teaching formats will be used to heighten and enhance the learning experience to include: lecture style, group discussion(s) of key topics, role play and case studies. All learning modals will be conducted in a safe and supportive manner to insure collaboration and inclusion of all participants.

Director, Head of Department, General Manager, Senior Manager, Manager, Senior Executive, Executive that involves in:
• Pricing
• Costing
• Revenue Management
• Product Development / Product Management / Product Planning
• Business Development
• Sales
• Marketing
• Business Intelligence