Improving, Optimizing & Transforming Business Process to Minimize Costs,
Enrich the Customer Experience & Increase Revenue Growth in AEC

17 – 18 JULY 2018


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This innovative course is to introduce practical and creative tools for Business Process Transformation The course provides must-have principles and framework of innovative tools that are crucial for breakthrough business performance improvement. After attending, participants will be equipped with effective tools to innovate, transform, redesign or solve business processes and improve business performance.

• Demonstrating the Business Value of ‘Business Process Transformation
• Roadmap for Business Process Transformation to Drive Organizational Performance
• Defining Methodologies and Tools to Drive Business Process Transformation
• Understanding Key Concepts in Business Process Transformation
• Integrating Process Transformation & Operation Excellence with Customer Experience Management
• Improving Efficiency and Increase Customer Engage & Satisfaction through Process Transformation
• Implementing Business Process Transformation & Operation Excellence as a Crucial Function and Ensure its Continuity

Today’s successful organizations are recognizing the value of Business Process Transformation as a key competitive differentiator. It’s no secret that better quality, shorter delivery timeframes and significant pricing concessions are at the top of client’s list of demands. Competitive pressure, coupled with shrinking margins, make customers’ requirements for better, faster and cheaper –seemingly every year – a real attention-getter. Gaining and retaining customers demands a focus on how to improve processes, increase quality and reduce costs – quickly.

To achieve these improvements the business imperative is to know What, How Much, and Which Tools – brings clarity around the key processes and leads to the most dramatic results. In order to sustain growth and profitability, companies are moving towards a more integrated approach involving people, processes and technology to drive the sustainability of Business Process Transformation throughout the business.

To survive this difficult time, companies need to improving, optimizing and transforming their business processes in order to increase operational productivity & efficiency to achieve cost saving goals, while continuing to provide product quality and service to their customers. Business Process Transformation initiatives are the impactful business agenda, unfortunately, yet many organizations often fails during the implementation stage. Therefore, executives need to master various methods, proven practices and key lessons learned that address practical challenges and show how to overcome the barriers in the implementation and execution stages.

Executives should also learn from experienced Business Process Transformation experts and practical solutions from different industries will sharpen your thinking and help you to be better prepared for making changes in your organization. This Interactive Course will focus on the blended systematic thinking and well-proven ways of making changes in organizations successfully, especially how to implement the right tools and support mechanisms

Business Process Transformation cut through all levels of an organization. Anyone engaged as a process owner or process improvement team leader – in any market or industry – will benefit from this event. Key positions are: Business Process Improvement & Management, Business Transformation, Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt, Service Quality, Operational Design/ Development, Strategic Corporate Planning, Customer Service, Project Managers, Project Leaders & Operational Excellence, Project Owners, Project Champions

• Strategic implementation and deployment of Business Process Transformation through effective change
management to ensure continuity and return on investment
Creating a continuous improvement culture to deliver business benefits and ensure process progression
• Translate the benefits of Business Process Transformation into measurable – increased revenue, improved
customer experience and cost reduction
• Enabling technologies to achieve integration and value of Business Process Transformation
• Creating value based processes and overcoming failure through process redesign

Dr. Suriya Lertwattanapongchai, International Office Director / Master Black Belt/ Lean Master, BMG 
Ms. Supan Wonganun, Director-Operations Excellence, DHL Supply Chain, Thailand
 Ms. Tharinee Suratpipit, SVP, Project Management & Communication, SCB

• Dr. Chatkaew Hart-rawung, Managing Director, Thai Summit Autoparts Industry
• Ms. Setsiri Settaphakorn, SVP Digitization Process, Business Transformation Team Krungsri Bank
• Mr. Sutti Manokitjarunman, Former General Manager, Electrolux Thailand