17 -18 JULY 2018

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Strategic Decision is a Crucial Business Skill, Tough Decisions Lie Ahead;

• Invest now…or later?
• Pursue all markets… or just a few?
• Take the lead… or be an early follower?
• Build efficient assembly lines… or flexible flow shops?
• Borrow money… or earn it first?
• Stick to the basics… or pursue the cutting edge?
• Develop new products or maintain existing ones?
• Be a market leader or an early follower?
• Which markets to enter and when?

If you are facing with some of these challenges, join us to master the skill!!!

Board Game Business Simulation for the Practice of Strategic Decision
The course is based on Celemi Decision Base™. It will allow you to learn and practice the processes required to make winning strategic decisions. It focuses on increasing executives’ decision capabilities through making executives understand how and why their decisions influence the entire organization.”. You will gain hands-on experience with board-based business simulation tools for analysing strategic options and improving decision making & execution.

The course has an emphasis on the power of practical learning, adopting a learning-by-doing principle. It uses illustrations of real-world decision scenarios & applications, and employs critical situations and role-playing supported by board-based business simulation to build & sharpen your skills for strategic decision making and execution. You will be challenged to make decisions and drive execution on
• How to grow and compete with scarce resources?
• How to make the most out of what we have?
• Does our profitability live up to investor/owner’s expectation?

Develop Big Picture Understanding, Practice Strategic Decision-Making
In Celemi Decision Base™, six capital-intensive companies are competing for customers in a highly competitive, rapidly
changing marketplace. Participants take on the role of the management team – comprised of finance, production,
marketing and corporate intelligence.

Their challenge is to make the right investments at the right time – and to get the required return. Teams manage the
strategic, operational and financial variables that will help lower costs and penetrate new markets. Tough investment
decisions lie ahead:
• Invest now…or later?
• Pursue all markets… or just a few?
• Take the lead… or be an early follower?
• Build efficient assembly lines… or flexible flow shops?
• Borrow money… or earn it first?
• Stick to the basics… or pursue the cutting edge?

• Market share
• Profitability
• Return on capital employed
• Cash flow
• Cost of capital
• Return on investments in markets, products and production

• Learn a robust framework for analyzing decisions with multiple objectives and uncertainties.
• Gain hands-on experience on developing strategic objectives and value trade-offs, as well as uncertainties and risks.

• Master the key principles & effective decision capabilities for representing complex strategic decisions.
• Learn how to assess the performance of strategies and choose high-value strategic options.

• Alignment around the “big picture” and a deeper level understanding of strategy and tactical initiatives.
• Better decisions for optimal allocation of limited resources.
• Increased responsiveness to internal and external customer needs.
• Heightened business literacy and financial acumen.
• Deep understanding of the overall business impact of financial decisions.
• Improved productivity through better teamwork, communication and coordination.

CEO, MD, President,CFO, COO, senior executives, directors, senior managers, entrepreneurs and owners from
all industries and business functions, including those from strategy, planning, marketing, finance, investment, logistics
and supply chain, sales, human resources, R&D, innovations, business development, procurement and purchasing,
engineering, production, customer services, and so on. This conference will be relevant to representatives from both
private & public organizations.

• Mr. Adoon Darathum, Managing Partner, ENPEO Consulting