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This two-day workshop offers you the opportunity to learn the skills needed to create advertising and marketing messages that are more effective in terms of written and visual communications. The workshop will cover print, film and digital media. Even people experienced in communications can find it difficult when asked to come up with a fresh creative idea. In this workshop, you will learn the steps to take and grow more confident in your own creative ability.

Allein will share tips and show examples of successful marketing materials, local and international, and
guide you through group and individual exercises in copywriting. He will show you how to write headlines
that will hook the customer and body copy that persuades the reader.
Through the availability of computer software, people who have had no previous design training, are
pushed to create or supervise the creation of brochures or collateral materials. This workshop will give
you the basic tools to work confidently in the area of design.
Allein will guide you through the skills and techniques that will graphically enhance your brochures and
awaken you to opportunities in video storytelling for your brand.

• Learn how to prepare yourself and your team for targeted communications
• Understand and appreciate the power of the brand.
• Unleash your own creativity
• Discover the secrets of the top copywriters
• Learn how to write headlines that engage the reader
• Gain skills to make your writing more persuasive
• Learn words to avoid in writing marketing messages.
• Understand the basics of marketing across platforms.
• Learn the fundamentals upon which all good design is based.
• How to use layout and photography more effectively in your design production.

This workshop will appeal to people in corporate communications departments, PR firms, ad agencies, design firms,
government marketing offices. The workshop will also be useful for anyone who wishes to upgrade their copywriting
skills or perhaps seeks a new career in the field of marketing communications or copywriting.