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Creating Greater Safety Resilience & Vigilance through Hard Won Lessons

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It is Urgent to Strengthen the Safety Culture of Your Organization and Enhance Business Safety Outcomes

With human error accounting for 96% of workplace accidents, organizations may incur huge compensation costs that potentially amount to an unprecedented high of $1 billion per week, approximately 3 to 10 times the operational costs, as estimated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). As workers’ lives and the organization’s bottom line are at risk, organizations need to implement Behavior Based Safety Programs (BBSP) as the key to driving an effective safety culture for sustainable business growth. 

This comprehensive 2-day program will equip you with the knowledge to strengthen the safety culture of your organization and enhance business safety outcomes through the application of Behavioral Based Safety Programs (BBSP) that directly influence individual behavior. 

You will learn how to analyze your organization’s safety culture and to create greater safety resilience and vigilance through hard won lessons and content that is supported by the work of Professor Andrew Hopkins, Professor of Sociology at the Australian National University and Professor Patrick Hudson of Leiden University, two of the world’s leading experts on the impact of safety cultures on organisations. The program employs an innovative and unique collaborative discussion method, designed for groups, using practical and interactive communication tools. You will be placed in discussion scenarios that are relevant to organisational safety cultural improvement through the development of agreed core practices, which in turn influence personal behaviours.  
At the end of this 2-day course, you will leave with the confidence required to design a program suitable for your organizational needs and implement concepts to build a strong safety commitment and culture.


• How behaviors contribute to incidents
• Define organizational culture, its symbols, artifacts and signs
• Learn how to measure safety culture maturity levels
• Develop core and personal practices that have a direct influence on personal behaviors
• Highly effective & interactive facilitation styles, and their impact on the learning experience
• Tools and measures to gain traction in the safety behavioral change journey
• Analyze your risk resilience and the effectiveness of your safety systems
• Implement necessary process change to develop stronger and more robust safety management systems


Directors / Heads / GMs / Senior Managers / Superintendents / Managers / Advisors / Supervisors / Inspectors /Investigators of:

• Safety / Safety, Health & Environment (HSE) Quality Assurance
• Occupation Health & Safety (OHS) / Work Health and Safety (WHS)
• Incident & Accident Investigation
• Risk & Compliance
• Site Management & Operations
• Disaster Recovery
• Exploration / Drilling / Asset Integrity / Facilities / Transport
• Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO)
• Business Resilience / Business Continuity

From across industries like Manufacturing / Oil & Gas / Energy / Power Plants / Mining / Quarry / Minerals / Metals (Steel, Aluminium) / Water & Wastewater Treatment / Construction/ Infrastructure & Utilities (Road, Power, Water) / Transport / Storage / Logistics / Ports / Terminals / Aviation & Aerospace / Agriculture / Forestry / Fishing / Government


“Gary provided a professional service to the National Rail team in the development of our safety culture strategy. I have always found Gary to be very knowledgeable and a very effective communicator and facilitator.” — Director, Strategic Projects at Scott Lister

“Gary is a high caliber safety professional with extensive and relevant industry experience. As a professional consultant and trainer he is able to quickly understand the clients’ requirements and meet expectations to a high standard. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gary.” –Executive General Manager Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality at UGL Limited

“Gary is an expert in the world of safety and his proven track record and operational experience speak for themselves. The quality that makes Gary stand out from the crowd in Safety is his ability to think strategically and quickly get to the core issues within an organization. Gary is a quick study and he knows and understands people. These attributes make him a safety practitioner of the highest caliber, at ease in the workplace or in the board room. A rare combination.” — Project Director at Aurizon