Successfully Manage the Assets & Portfolios of Profitable Oil Companies

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As Oil industry is going through a high degree of uncertainty amid lower oil prices and intense competition from Producers, the downstream segment, on the other hand, is going through a changing landscape with huge investments in refining and midstream particularly in the Middle East and India/China, where new players have emerged to capitalize on global market opportunities. In the US, the cheaper NGLs availability and lifting of crude oil export ban, the commercial downstream sectors of Refining, Supply and Trading Organizations have become not only competitive but highly globalized bringing enormous challenges to Oil Companies in efficiently and profitably managing their portfolios. The large buildup of new refining capacities in Saudi Arabia, China and UAE along with emerging new supplies from Americas have made the downstream operations extremely important for making right commercial decisions to maximize profits and timely managing products’ supply commitments.

This 3-day course in “Commercial Aspects of Petroleum Downstream” will address all fundamental and critical issues related to oil production, refining process, crude oil evaluation, supply logistics, sales & marketing, oil pricing, trading, shipping and freight economics. The course will teach necessary skills and techniques which are relevant and critical to successfully manage the assets of any small or large oil company. The theoretical part of the course content (lectures) is supplemented with case studies giving real life examples how companies work and make key commercial decisions in handling downstream operational issues.

• Overview of global oil supply/demand
• Fundamentals of refinery operations & economics
• Crude oil characteristics & commercial evaluation
• Computation of refining margins & operating cost
• Product classification, blending & specifications
• Oil pricing, market structure &trading hubs
• Petroleum sales, supply & trading
• Marine transportation & freight economics
• Price exposure & risk management
• Oil sales contracts, disputes & arbitratio


This 3-day course is designed to provide a basic and fundamental knowledge of petroleum industry with a focus on downstream operations including refinery supply economics. The course will offer attendees a bird’s eye view and a 360 degree landscape of petroleum downstream covering various links to supply chain starting from crude oil production to retail sales at gas stations. The course topic includes: crude oil production, pipeline transportation, storage, refining, oil pricing, supply economics, trading, freight economics, shipping operations, risk management, features of oil contract and project economics.

The focus will be on the basic elements of oil supply by having a cross-functional understanding of refinery operations, sales and supply trading.


The course would bridge the gap between theory and practice and provide necessary skills in understanding the fundamental aspects of refining, marketing, supply and trading. It will instill the basic concept and key factors which are relevant for oil trading activities in commercial and dynamic environment. The morning sessions will cover mostly lectures emphasizing theoretical aspects while the afternoon sessions will concentrate on case studies and solving problems based on theories learned in the morning session.


Technical and non-technical professionals from oil & gas industry and business and financial institutions who wish to understand in a simple and jargon-free language the physical aspects of commercial downstream and who want to gain insight of how crude oil is produced and converted into different refined products and how they are priced/valued in open markets for supply and trading.
• Refinery Engineers
• Refinery Supply Coordinators
• Middle and Back Office Trading Staff
• Oil Marketing Staff
• Front line Traders
• Oil Accountants and Financial Analysts
• New Entrants to Refinery or Petroleum industry
• Business Analysts
• Banking and Government Officials
• Risk Management Analysts


The key objective of this course is to give attendees a basic and fundamental knowledge of international oil supply and trading with a brief and clear understanding of refinery operations. It will enhance participants’ understanding thru active discussions and using real life examples how crude oil and refined products are commercially evaluated for pricing and how they are globally traded with different links to supply chain. It will help participants in understanding how market functions and how oil is refined and transported. The attendees will leave this course with a basic knowledge of commercial refining and trading using different tools and techniques. The course would also highlight global oil supply/demand balance and geopolitics in oil industry.

Upon completion of the course, you would be able to learn and understand:

• Introduction to petroleum industry
• Globalization of oil industry
• Supply/Demand balance
• Crude oil production, storage and transportation
• Crude oil evaluation
• Crude oil supply contracts
• Refinery operations and economics
• Oil supply and trading
• Products grade and specifications
• Marine transportation and freight economics
• Cargo nominations and supply operations
• Risk management and hedging techniques
• Geopolitics in oil industry and role of OPEC