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This is a pragmatic program about how to use data and analytics to make a near immediate difference to the bottom-line. It explains a number of different strategies and approaches, before focusing on the operational use of data and analytics to improve, personalise and measure the customer experience, engagement and lifetime value.

This program will outline different kinds of analytics and data approaches to business problems, to then focus on data-driven customer experience design. You will learn how to re-design your customer experience using your data to take your customer satisfaction, retention and sales to new levels.

A key differentiator of this program is the method it gives you. Although its focus is on sales and marketing automation it can equally be applied to any predictable process such as customer or employee on-boarding.


  • Understand the principles of data and analytics-led Business Automation and know how to apply them in any area in your business.
  • Understand the principles of data and analytics-led Customer Experience design and know how to apply them in your business.
  • Understand the principles of Marketing Automation Platforms and how to map to a customer experience design.
  • Re-design a key predictable process to be data-driven with all key touch points, data, triggers and content is mapped.


  • Identify the differences between process and data-led business design.
  • Identify suitable processes and workflows for data-led automation.
  • Use data to define and design a process or workflow.
  • Identify the full customer lifecycle and its key touchpoints.
  • Identify and quantify key triggers, data and content for a touchpoint.
  • Define and set measurable success metrics for a touch point.
  • Ask questions of instructor with deep digital transformation experience.

COURSE LEADER | JESPER LOWGREN – Global Expert on Data-led Business Design

  • Author of more than 50 articles and books on Business, Information and Data Architecture, Analytics, Agility and Digital Business Strategy 
    • Recognized thought-leader in Enterprise Digital Transformation and Member of Enterprise Transformation 2020, a global think-tank on enterprise change and transformation to Fortune 500 companies
    • More than 15 years of experience consulting and coaching businesses on change and transformation, including and not limited to KPN, Maxis, Telekom Malaysia, StarHub, NAB, Promina, Macquarie Bank, AAPT, St George Bank, Australian Government

Digital marketers, CX designers and analysts, process owners, change managers, transformation executives. It is also ideal for executives who want to gain a clear understanding of the potential of data-led business automation and how it can be used across a whole function.

Session 1: The Background of Analytics
Session 2: Different Strategies and Approaches
Session 3: Define your Customer Experience
Session 4: Design your Customer Experience
Session 5: Automate your Customer Experience
Session 6: Identify the Data needed for the Data Triggers
Session 7: Develop your Success Metrics
Session 8: Build your Data and Analytics Capability

Testimonials of past participants

“Jesper is an incredible facilitator and workshop leader. His methods have helped us transform how we work, with big impact on our business performance.
Paul Smith, General Manager Marketing and Strategic Planning, Australian Ethical Investments

“Very pragmatic and insightful. I will use this in my customer experience design.
David Hipkins, Director of Customer Insights, Land Information New Zealand

“This program has given me a new and simpler way of driving and measuring the customer experience. It will also give me the framework for building more effective business cases.
Dr. Laurie Sheddon, Head of Product Marketing, Fischer & Paykel Healthcare New Zealand