Disruptor and Transform a Whole Business for the Digital World

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This program is about understanding how an entire business or business unit needs to operate to prosper in the digital world. It is based on Design Thinking and takes the participant through 4 key modules:
• Develop Agile Business Strategy | Learn the process of transforming a standard business strategy into an agile business strategy that is fit for the digital world.
• Design Digital Operating Model | Learn the process of expanding the agile strategy into a digital model.
• Design Business Platform | Learn the process of designing a business platform from the digital operating model.
• Define Digital Transformation Roadmap | Learn to use the agile strategy and digital model to create a digital business transformation roadmap.

This strategic learning and highly interactive program will introduce you to a new model for enterprise digital transformation, the digital business canvas, to create a digital and future-proof business. This new model unfolds in three connected models: i.e. ‘PURPOSE, AGILITY & PLATFORM’


What makes enterprise digital transformation difficult is the increasing velocity of change and disruption. Disruptors, still only appearing in a few industries, will soon be the norm rather than the exception. The digital world is also very different where our analogue ways of thinking and doing don’t work well. Competitive advantage in the analogue world is based on scarcity because resources are limited. For example, getting the best shop location in the best street is something which simply cannot be copied.

But in the digital world everything can be copied. Indeed, anyone who has tried to create something hard to copy have failed. Often it is obsolete before it is even complete.

Instead, the digital competitive advantage rests on agility, and the ability to change faster and cheaper than competitors. This requires not only a change in doing but also in thinking. Because if we think the same way as before, we create the same outcome.

In addition, digital transformation is not about digitising and optimising what’s currently being done. It is about fundamentally re-thinking the organisation in a digital context of constant disruption. Only by designing an organisation for change, can change be mastered

This programs begins new thinking with the questions: How does an organisation look like that prospers in change and disruption? And how is it designed?

This course will introduce a new model for enterprise digital transformation, the digital business canvas, to create a digital and future-proof business. This new model unfolds in three connected models:
1. Purpose. A reference point is needed to manage change. Something that doesn’t change and what changes least
is what’s most important. The things held sacred, individually and as a business, is the ‘glue’ that holds a business
together in face of change and disruption.
2. Agility. Agility is needed to manage change. Business agility originates from prioritising what is most important
simplifying it, and then deciding what to do with what is less important. This is the digital operating model that
allows a business to change faster and cheaper than its competitors.
3. Platform. Scalability is growth at near zero HR cost increase. The platform connects the internal operating mode
with the outer world through defined and documented interfaces. This creates the business ecosystem.


CEO’s, CFO, COO, CIO, CMO, CDO, transformation executives. Due to the strategic nature of this program, C-level executives will benefit most from attending. Most benefit will come from CEO attendance, because it allows for an enterprise digital transformation roadmap to be created.


JESPER LOWGREN – Global Expert on Digital Transformation
• Recognized thought-leader in Enterprise Digital Transformation and Member of Enterprise Transformation 2020, a global think-tank on enterprise change and transformation to Fortune 500 companies
• More than 15 years of experience consulting and coaching businesses on change and transformation, including and not limited to KPN, Maxis, Telekom Malaysia, StarHub, NAB, Promina, Macquarie Bank, AAPT, St George Bank, Australian Government

• Author of more than 50 articles and books on digital strategy and transformation, including Business, Information and Data Architecture, Analytics and Agility


“Jesper is an incredible facilitator and workshop leader. His methods have helped us transform how we work, with big impact on our business performance”

Paul Smith, General Manager Marketing and Strategic Planning, Australian Ethical Investments

“We recently embarked on a large transformation program and the advice, coaching and training Jesper provided has been invaluable”

Dale Cleaver, CEO, Campbell Page

“Sending my transformation team to Jesper’s business transformation workshop was one of the best investments I have made”

Professor Peter Lee, Vice-Chancellor, Southern Cross University



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