International Supply Chain

Achieving Superior Cost Advantage & Optimising Service Delivery Levels

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Supply Chain Management has been receiving increased focus in areas where Supply Chain people can better understand their own supply chains so that they can be optimized for savings, flexibility and speed. These cost savings disciplines apply across all industries, in the same way as all companies require robust financial control. It is the experience of the discipline and skill, not the industry, that leading companies are looking to develop. Effective management and control of these disciplines will make a material difference to your bottom line.

‘Managing & Measuring International Supply Chain’ is designed to prepare supply chain professionals for advanced management roles internationally. Executives who attend this program will learn detailed Supply Chain Frameworks that use the four basic essentials that all Supply Chains use:
• Products / manufacturing or storage facilities

• Facilities such as warehouses, stores, factories
• Transportation such as Trucks, Trains, Planes and Ships – which use logistic planning
• Routing of cost effective and delivery efficient supply chain networks

In this intensive 2 days hand-on program, the course participants will systematically be taken through the steps required for them to effectively understand and plan out the design of a smart cost effective supply chain – resulting in the achievement of a smart cost effective supply chain that delivers cost reductions and increased service delivery levels to the client. you will learn to see what supply chain design and model works best for your organization after taking into account demand, costs, lead times and availability.


  •  Business Owners/Warehouse Managers
  •  Supply Chain Managers/Supplier Managers
  •  Logistics Professionals/Supply Chain
  •  Buyers / Senior Buyers
  •  Logistics Operation Personnel
  •  Transportation Managers
  •  Factory Managers
  •  Freight Company Managers
  •  Government Departments
  •  Airport Freight Forwarder Managers
  •  Senior Railway and Shipping Personnel
  •  3PL’s and 4 PL’s
  •  Anyone involved with Supplier Management Process in the future.

“Supply chains are the lifeblood of most companies. To win in the marketplace, companies need to create versatile supply chains that can rapidly adapt to changing market conditions.”